Ever wondered the etiquette of entering yoga class a few minutes late?  

Every place handles things a little differently.  


Once you've signed in, please remove your shoes at the front of the studio, grab needed props from the cabinet, and discreetly make your way to an open space on the floor.   


Another mention:  As the community grows, we’ll find the need to move our mats closer together.  At those times we’ll stagger the mats in each row so that every other mat is recessed about 18” further back from those on either side.  In this way, we avoid slapping hands.


If you get thirsty while at the studio, we keep sparkling waters and caffeine-free sodas in the mini-fridge. It is located in the storage room, first door on the right, across from the bathroom.  There is a small basket atop the fridge for donations to keep it replenished.  Enjoy, and thank you.