60 min private session

1-4 people.  

This private setting is helpful for jumpstarting your yogic exercise practice.  You will learn and refine yoga postures, incorporating modifications to suit your body today, with an eye toward moving the direction of your goals.  A steady, continuous body practice will result in greater ease of living in the body.  $45

90 min private session

For 1-4 people.

The 90 minute session will begin with a coaching in asana (yogic exercise), followed by a guided pranayama (breath control practice).  We practice breath control to channel and direct the flow of vital energy throughout the body.  By learning pranayama techniques we discover how to charge our own batteries to fuel our higher aspirations.   $65

120 min private session

For 1-4 people.  

Two hours to work from the outside, inward.  

We begin with a full hour of yogic exercise, fully customized to your goals and present condition.  We follow that up with a guided breath control practice to balance the nerves and harness the life energy embodied by our breath.  We round out your practice with concentration practice and what follows may be a taste of meditation.  The benefits are experienced as enhanced ability to focus, deeper sense of peace, and a greater connection with others.


We will discuss all aspects of the private sessions in advance to customize your session.   $85