You get what you give.

The changes you’ll notice from one weekly practice accelerate with another session or two.  Whether it’s here at FHY or at home in your living room, just around 10 minutes a day, and (wow!) it becomes more pleasant riding around in these bodies… Trust what you’re learning and you’ll know how to move for greater openness, strength, and balance. 

When beginning a yoga exercise practice, you may notice that your joints pop, creak and groan a little.  This is because the poses open them up, releasing locked-up tensions.  Also you may experience some soreness in your muscles;  you’re waking up muscles that have slept a long time.  It’s normal and a sign that things are happening.  

There will be days you feel a little sore, other days you suddenly make a breakthrough and feel great.  Some days you’ll feel discouraged, some days you’ll feel excited about your progress.  Don’t let the ups and downs distract you for now.  Think of your goal.  

This is a fundamental attitude in yoga, the development of equanimity.  

Outwardly, a toned body is a side effect of hatha yoga, the physical postures we do.  The purpose of the poses is what it does inside you, opening up your natural channels of vitality, feeling the mind and body connection, taking a stand against the distractions of pain and disease.  

If you cheat by mechanically going through the motions or push beyond your limits, you set yourself back. Work a little each day at your limit, and all is coming! 

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