Yoga, a lifetime pursuit of whole health

Through yoga you can reclaim health and feel better than you’ve ever felt.  Can you expect to fully reverse disease within 6 months by doing yoga once a week?  No, not likely.  After all,  constant back pain, sciatica, arm numbness, tight hips…(fill in the blank) develops over the course of years through poor mechanical alignment, poor stress management, low-quality food, and a lifestyle that doesn’t require regular full range of motion.  

What took 5-10 years to develop can, however, be reversed within 6 months to a year if you will practice daily for even 10 minutes.  It is very likely!  

This has always been true.  I am cataloguing some tremendous accounts from our very own Flint Hills Yoga family.  I look forward to hearing your story.

So, like a young tree that’s been growing a little crooked, don’t rush this.   It will straighten out and become strong  under the guiding light of your conscious intention.   


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