Who will gain from your practice?

Many people try yoga.  For most it helps them recover strength and energy, fixes aches that have crept up over time and makes them look slender, bright, and happy.  For others it seems to work fairly well but not amazing.  Yet for others it’s harder to pick up, or yoga just seems boring, or a chore, or they’re simply too busy, and they drop it.  

People try it for some very serious reasons—they’ve hurt themselves somehow, or they neeed to make a big change in their lives. 

There is a reason it works for some, and not for others. 

It boils down to why you show up!  Are you there engaging in practice for your own benefit?   Or can you dig deeper and see that there is an even greater purpose for your efforts?

The more natural it is for you to align your intention to practice yoga for the good of someone else/others, the greater your likelihood of transformation.

Peace, hb

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