What is your Instrument, cont'd

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

In the last post, I offered some words to describe the different instruments of the movie director, the ballerina, and the school teacher. As in each of these examples, our instrument starts with a spark, an impulse to create.

To one degree or another, we all have a moment when we know we have more to give. Maybe it comes out as a desire for more experience, to be bigger, to expand more fully into life. This can happen any time, even well beyond youth when everything seems possible.

So we seek learning, stuff of the mind. Certainly, we think, we're not already enough. We go about seeking mentors, textbook knowledge, gurus. We embark on lessons, coaching, and certifications that “prove” to the world we’re prepared by attaining some minimum standards set by well-meaning experts.

Along the way, daily practice uncovers our humility, revealing how much more we have yet to learn. We fail. We make mistakes. We say the wrong thing. So a different kind of learning ensues: the feedback loop of committing errors followed by correction and refinement. Through it all, strength emerges, and because of it, grace.

Much like traditional refinement of precious metals, we apply the pressure and heat of personal expectations and time and resource constraints, burning away contaminants like sloppiness and wasteful expenditures of time and energy. What begins to emerge is something of real value, something relatively excellent and pure, our instrument.

The instrument is whatever magnifies our expression of the creative impulse. It’s what we have to offer in service to something greater than ourselves. It’s unique to us and more dimensional than our job title, reflecting a constellation of strengths, circumstances, and personal qualities that’s different and special.

Each of us has that unique spark that sets things in motion if we’re willing to be still and notice it. Mind activity will keep it shrouded, of this I am fairly certain. A personal yoga practice is a time-worn path to entering that stillness with greater ease, using the tools of breath awareness and mindful movement.

Please join us at Flint Hills Yoga to experience an approach to fitness that exercises not only the body, but the mind and spirit, too. Take in one of many weekly group classes or private sessions right here in the Kansas Flint Hills, between Manhattan and Topeka, Kansas.

I am somewhere along the lifelong path to refining my own instrument. There are lots of errors happening here! There is much uncertainty. But through it all, my intention is to offer a supportive community where exploration of our errors, correction, and refinement is the norm.

Back to the beef cattle rancher: does my definition of our instrument apply? Please check back soon to check my logic!

Some pretty horse along I-70 in Wabaunsee County

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