Less is more, you've heard that before

The postures we practice in yoga are not the point.   You say 'What??????!!!'  We use the postures and the conscious manipulation of breath as tools to purify the body, generating heat to burn off toxicity and energetic rubbish.   We’re not so concerned with how the body appears, instead we place more emphasis on distinct sensations that surface as we progress through our postures.   In this way postures and breath also serve another purpose, to develop single-pointed focus.   Regarding focus, it is easier to focus when we withdraw the mind from outer objects, weeding out extra things.  It’s like this when we stand in a balancing posture.  There’s no surplus of attention aside from holding our balance to engage in rampant, dissipated thought.   Part of a complete yoga practice is the self-discipline of purity, simplicity, and cleanliness.  One example of developing this practice “off the mat” would be to rid your environment of clutter.  Donate or throw out as many things as you can.  When there are things cluttering your home, they clutter your mind as well.  How else to practice purity, simplicity, and cleanliness? Throw out extra things you say that don’t really need to be said anyway. Eliminate extra things you do that you really don’t have time to do well. Learn to be with a few good friends, content with even a happy sort of silence that you both understand and appreciate.   Cut down on all the useless extra stimulation of your physical senses; too much food, too much news, too much entertainment, too much physical gratification.  Get used to moderation, taking only amounts of all things you can focus on and enjoy deeply.  

This is also yoga!



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