The waves of change keep coming.

During some episodes of life the waters are quite calm, work is rewarding, relationships are congenial, there's enough money to provide the things we need and even want! The waves gently lap the shore of your life. The alteration of the shoreline is gradual and it's easy to feel a false sense of permanency.

Some phases are like a hurricane. There's a loss of stability as entire sections of beach vanish to be deposited elsewhere. The skies darken and chaos reigns, which is how it can feel after a house fire, a loved one's death, a market crash that wipes out the retirement account.

In either scenario the shoreline is changing. Continually.

Our bodies, like life, are constantly changing. One of the pillars of yoga is proper exercise. The purpose of proper exercise is to experience a strong body free from illness and pain. In this way we're freed-up to engage in what matters to us most.  

According to the Yoga Sutra, “We begin with the postures, which bring a feeling of well-being that lasts.”   Join your friends at FHYoga on this path of health, beginning with mindful movement. Free yourself from avoidable aches and pains of lifestyle, age, and circumstances.

Keep your strength and build more. Increase your bone density by bearing your own weight in a variety of postures. Remember how it feels to be still and balanced.  

Do these sound like false promises?

These are the certain rewards of a yoga practice that you nurture with patience and persistence.  



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