Move into ease.

We do our yoga sessions in a particular sequence for a purpose.   Each pose balances every other pose, brings the body closer to accepting poses later in the sequence, moves you to greater challenge, and then, like a feather floating to the floor, deposits you back to your life off the mat with grace and ease.  

As you progress in your practice, deep inside you energy begins to flow better, and things begin to tend towards unity, less towards difference. 

When we tone down our preferences for one pose vs. another, inner turbulence subsides.

So attack your whole routine with the same enthusiasm, with the same joy about why you’re doing this. Know that, even if we just want greater physical strength or a better physique, there’s a deeper intention behind that to be better for the benefit of someone else, so each pose can bring you a little closer towards helping other people.

Avoid giving into your preferences. 

Don’t create more differences in your life.  

Flow, find space, and feel light!


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