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I like to share yoga.  It can be hard to keep a lid on my enthusiasm about it's healing potential.  It would seem I have plenty of occasions to share it outside of class.  Indeed, it seems just being a yoga instructor churns up an everyday readiness in others to talk about their yearnings for health and peace of mind.

However, bringing up health and peace of mind is not the same thing as asking how yoga works to accomplish it.  There is a right time to offer what I’ve learned, or maybe never.  

Sometimes, however, I don’t have to say a thing… Recently Tom and I sat visiting with a friend over lunch.  As I am the local yogi, he proceeded to share, “My back’s always hurting, and it’s been going on a long time.”  He then stated that he tried yoga “a few times a while back and the back pain went away.” The pain.  Went.  Away.  I almost asked if he continued with his yoga, but I didn’t.   Rather than going into the back and forth, the cajoling, the remonstrance, I let it ride.  His clear admission that his pain disappeared, coupled with the reality that he chooses not to cure hisself through yoga speaks to an insane human tendency to hold onto our pain for a variety of reasons.    

Over time I’m learning to conserve my energies a bit more for those looking for the healing promise of yoga, for those who are willing to do the work and explore the possibilities (read: responsibilities) of a wellness perspective instead of a pills and surgery mindset. 

So here, as a community of self-sufficient country people, you likely appreciate the concept of starting a siphon.  When you’re tired of pain, if you’re feeling numb to life, if things seem out of balance, or there’s a constant undercurrent of anxiousness, start that siphon.  It’ll take a bit to get flowing, for I’m not likely to talk of yoga until you get real with me!. But once you do, I promise not to drown you.  It will be a steady stream of support, encouragement, and belief in your own inner wisdom.

Practice with us!


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