Fumbling towards truth

A couple weeks ago I shared some thoughts on AHIMSA, or non-harming.  

This week, we give a nod to another pillar of the foundational attitudes of yoga.  So a few words on SATYA, or truthfulness. 

What does truthfulness have anything to do with yoga?  When you begin to sense that yoga is more of a way of life than a way of doing exercises, things get clear.   

To me truthfulness means only teaching what I know and have experienced through practice.  This is why we spend most of our time in exercises, and less time in breath work and meditation as I gain in experience.  

It means honoring my teachers, both living and deceased, for the wisdom passed down, avoiding taking credit for their words and teachings.  

It can be uncomfortable to be truthful!  It means striving to speak in ways that create the same picture in the mind of the person receiving my words as the picture I have in my own mind about the things I’m speaking of.  

The closer those two pictures match up, the closer we are to truth.

If I try to create a different mental picture for someone with my words, this is lying.  Yeah. Ouch.  🌼  It’s getting easier as this practice deepens.  

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