"Edge" out distraction

I ask you to pay attention to your “edge” during yogasana. This edge refers to the distinct moment of resistance we experience between beneficial exertion and harmful exertion. It's a place of intense sensation.  Only you, through internal monitoring, can find that place.  

It’s a place of freedom and of responsibility!  How?  

The freedom is felt in choosing to confront our “edge” without fear, to willfully choose where to take our practice (on and off the mat.)  The responsibility is felt in taking ownership of the outcome. It's here that we reap the rewards of newfound patience and strength as we play in the vicinity of your limits. But it's also here that we suffer the consequences of disrespecting your current limits. Stay present, watch, feel, and learn when to say I've done enough!

With discernment you'll notice your edge during yoga when the quality of your breath deviates from a smooth, even rhythm.

Off the mat, you will notice your edge, for instance, when you choose action that's a little uncomfortable, like allowing someone to step in front of you in line at the grocery store! How poised can you feel in such a moment of selflessness?



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