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Updated: Dec 1, 2019

There will be moments of frustration during your yoga practice. The cause may be physical; a stiff back, a tight hamstring, or some other pain in the neck! Perhaps the asanas (postures) are new and you spend more time watching the guide than moving your own body. Frustration can be mental or emotional; a work distraction, a disagreement with a loved one, lethargy or anxiety. Sometimes rest is best. Usually you’ll benefit by showing up.

At various times it’ll be hard to show up. I challenge you to watch where the resistance is coming from and try getting on your mat, either at home or here at the studio.

We begin the movement. We engage in actions that aren’t determined so much by our habits, yet still lie within the range of our abilities. We observe our breath as clogs and blockages begin to move. The mind clears a little. Tensions subside and the muscles soften, and our doubts turn into our teachers. Mental and physical heaviness become piercing insight and levity.

You might surprise others who notice your "before and after". Fall once, get up. Fall twice, get up and smile. Fall a hundred times, become wise.

Rumi wrote,

Birds make great sky-circles

of their freedom.

How do they learn it?

They fall, and falling, they’re given wings.

After years of consuming, planning, evading, and worrying, it can become clear we spend a lot of time enmeshed in conditioned behavior. The business of figuring out life moves up our priority list. The yoga mat is a reliable place to investigate how we deal with artificial demands of strength and poise, so that when the demands are actual, we have a roadmap.

So, let go of expectations and get comfortable swimming in unfamiliar waters. Be friendly to yourself and all others, dedicate outcomes to something greater, and be happy with the smallest improvement. See this in action, below : )



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