Community classes are $5, and open to anyone.  Send email through the contact page if you are interested in joining in! 

Weekly community classes are delivered simultaneously in-studio and virtual.   Email at least one hour before class to reserve your spot or get the virtual link! 

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Gentle Movement

Move from a state of doing to a state of being.  Transitions between postures will be luxuriously slow, feeling all the subtle markers of being alive, noticing changes in respiration, areas of pressure, messages the body gives us to proceed or take rest.  This is a standing yoga class which also offers floor-seated positions and the use of other supportive props.

Community Gentle

Moderate Movement

Do what you didn’t think was possible with your body!  Here we discover our strength as we stretch deeper and hold poses a bit longer.  This class is great for all levels of experience.  Pose modifications are offered to give your practice the right level of intensity.  We’ll incorporate proper alignment with breath awareness.

Community Moderate 

Any schedule changes will be announced in the Flint Hills Yoga Roundup,
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6:30pm Community Moderate


9:30am Community Gentle


No classes currently